An Introduction to Hypnotherapy

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More and more hypnotherapy is becoming a recognized form of treatment for many conditions. Sadly, due to myths and misconceptions about hypnosis many shy away from the potential hypnotherapy has to offer. Through hypnotherapy we can truly make a difference. I will share with you a study done with a local hospital and over 200 of their patients. Through hypnotherapy we were able to assist patients lower their pain, stress and nausea by as much as 50%. We learned through this study that stress was actually the key to the changes experienced. As we help the patient lower their stress through a 20-40 minute hypnotherapy session automatically their pain diminished. We will also discuss the many uses of hypnosis understanding that the goal is to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, treating the whole person and encouraging overall balance. During this presentation participants will have the opportunity to experience group hypnosis and the benefits this modality can offer. We will also dispel those inaccurate myths and create more clarity and understanding.


- Dispel myths about hypnosis
- Learn about the uses of hypnosis
- Experience first hand the benefits hypnosis offers


Linda Bennett, Ph.D. CCHt., is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Board Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor and Certifying Examiner as well as a Certified Life Coach. She is also the co-founder of Heart Symbol Publishing, which is dedicated to the publication of books and media that inspire, transform and heal the mind, body and spirit. Linda is Senior Curriculum Specialist and the Hypnotherapy / Guided Imagery Program Director at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Linda is the esteemed 2014 International Medical & Dental Hypnosis Association Educator of the Year, received the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists 2011 Outstanding Clinical Contribution Award, and was recognized for “Outstanding Creativity in the Classroom” for 2005-2006 by the Arizona Private Schools Association. She was also awarded the 2017 IMDHA Chapter of the Year for Exceptional Growth & Outreach for Practitioners in the Community.


An Introduction to Hypnotherapy Webinar
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